My little cooking helper is growing up quickly!!

My sweet pea!🥰

She’s like the cutest. Thing. Ever.  Thank you for helping me in the kitch Miss Oakley Ann!  Her mom Brandi used to help me also, and you can hop on over and check out her Buzzard’s Beat blog when you have a sec.

So anyway, I’m super glad to have you join my blogging journey.  Apologies up front as my posts are sometimes sporadic as I get really busy with work, and just don’t have time.  However, I grew up with a restaurant-owning family of food lovers, so creating, tasting and sharing is in my blood. I love creating new recipes for my family and trying different food combinations from various cultures. Through my experiences and cooking trials, I have instilled this love of cooking in my children.  My husband and I both love to cook and try new things, so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen together.  We have multiple smokers and grills, and trying new things on them is a blast, especially when we have beautiful Kansas weather!

What do I “do”?  I work for the Kansas Board of Regents as the Sr. Director of Adult and Career Technical Education. What does this really mean?  Well, I coordinate a bunch of federal funding that goes out to the adult education programs, and career technical education programs at the community and technical colleges.

I started this blog to share my triumphs (and failures) in the kitchen with the world and also join a community of food lovers like myself. If you have questions, comments, ideas or just want to connect please shoot me an email at

Now, let’s get cooking, and thanks for stopping by!

~Connie Kaye

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