Hello world!


Welcome to Connie Kaye’s kitchen! I’m Connie Kaye and I’ll be leading this kitchen adventure and probably throwing in some random musings along the way. More than likely my children, husband and random thoughts will end up here as well, but never fear, tons of great cooking advice, adventures and recipes will be showcased.

For my first post, I thought I would share with you all some of my specialties that may eventually appear in the Recipe Box (see tabs above). These are the recipes my kids love the most and often request when they come home.

– Stromboli

– Blueberry Jell-O dessert

– Potato soup

I know that is a weird assortment of things but they never ask for them all at the same time, I promise.

Empanadas in a Belizean restaurant

Empanadas in Belize

Recipes I would like to learn how to make will also be featured on this blog and they include: the perfect imposter Cheddar Bay biscuit, homemade empanadas (my daughter had some in Belize) and a variety of sweet treats.

What are some of your go-to dishes? Any suggestions for recipes I should experiment with?

Recipes coming shortly!  Thanks for reading and come back soon!



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