Friday, work? Nope


MB and I took the day off today, and went to Kansas City to visit the new IKEA store.  Amazing.  Not really overwhelming as there’s kind of a path through the levels of the store.  The first thing you will do, when you enter the store, is find out where the unbelievable aroma of cinnamon rolls is coming from.  Turns out a dollar bill, yes, $1 will get you a delicious homemade cinnamon roll (right out of the oven) and another $1 will add a drink to that.  At this point, I knew our date day was lookin even better!  However, after the cinnamon roll we both needed a bath due to the icing, but heck, it’s all good.  You can even purchase a container of 6 for a whopping $4.  Enough said.

We had a great time perusing the aisles, but really aren’t in need of furniture.  We did decide that if you happen to be adding a little monkey to the family soon, or need furniture or a wide variety of storage stuff, great place to stop.    There’s a kitchen section where i kinda lost it.  In fact, I told MB that I now know why he loves Home Depot and Menards so much.  I could still be there now (and he liked it too).  We left with a random selection of stuff.  Note…tags and labels are not in English, but if you look closely, there will be a translation.  For example, we bought some Sinnlig’s….aka scented candle in a glass.   They also have some very unique and appealing food items, but if it’s something you cook, you’ll be loving the cooking temps.   Like who sets their oven at 292 degrees?  Interesting.

The day continued with a visit to a really good BBQ joint that has been featured at Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.  Their specialty is homemade smoked jalapeno sausage smoked in a corn husk.  I should just stop there.  Name of this place is RJ’s Bob Be Que, and Bob will be cooking.  Cold beer, BBQ and a day off.  Need I say more????

What a way to spend a Friday.


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