Grilled Peaches!


I love love love grilled pineapple – it brings out the sweetness and flavor.  Oh so yum.  We tried grilled watermelon in salsa last year, but I wasn’t a fan.  HOWEVER, you take a peach, throw it on the grill, dress it up and WOW.  It will knock your socks off, if you happen to be wearing any.

I bought a few peaches – not smushy but fairly ripe.  Cut them in half with little help from my (our) friends (Beatles song 🙂 :


Gab and Gen here to assist (and taste)!

I removed the pits and then sprayed with a little bit of “it’s not really butter but tastes like it”.  We put them face down on the grill:


Peaches chillin’ on the grillin’

and then grilled until soft (NOT mushy..I despise mushy food) and had nice grill marks, like this:


Peaches on fancy “Beene china”

We then added a little spray of fake butter, and sprinkled on some brown sugar and just a touch of cinnamon.  Back to the grill, my little delights!


Close the lid with the grill off and let the brown sugar melt.  We brought our little gems in the house, drooling.  DELECTABLE.  We thought MB might like them with a spoon of ice cream, and, well, no words to explain it.  They are really good without the ice cream – that’s how my helpers and I ate them.  I’ll be making this at the lake this summer.  Nothing easier and more delicious!



~Connie Kaye

Grilled Peaches

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Brown sugar

Cut peaches in half, and remove pits.  Oh yeah, you might wanna wash them also.  Brush or spray with butter, and place on low temp grill, face down.  Grill until soft, but not smushy.  Sprinkle about a TBSP of brown sugar in the well of the peach, and around the top, and then lightly add a cinnamon sprinkle.  Back to the grill, face up with grill off.  Sugar melts and delish!  Eat as is, or serve with vanilla ice cream.



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