Like shrimp? Oh man, you’ll like this!!!


We love seafood, especially shrimp, crab, lobster 🙂 so when the hub brought me a souvenir t-shirt from Maryland, with Old Bay smattered across the front, I thought “very fitting”.  He also bought a can of Old Bay seasoning.  I’ve seen recipes where Old Bay @OLDBAYseasoning was used, but I’ve never bought any.  AND, we have an annual fall shrimp boil, but use Zatarain’s (I always smell it for some stupid reason, and sneeze for 10 minutes after.  You would think I would learn.  DUH)

old bay

My new friend!

Anyway, we decided to try steamed spiced shrimp tonight with a ribeye steak.  YUM.  Anyway, I was a little confused, and even confirmed it on their site, that to “steam” the shrimp, you actually place it in a boiling mixture, add a lid, and in few minutes, you’re ready to roll.  OOPS…just had to take a break.  We are huge K-State fans and Tyler Lockett, former KSU player, just returned a punt for touchdown for the Seahawks!!!  Purple Pride!!

Anyway, I was wary because it sounded as though it would be boiled shrimp.  NOPE.  The most amazing stuff E.V.E.R.  You’ll notice that the official recipe on the back of the can says use either vinegar or beer.  Well, everything’s better with beer, correct?   Leave the shell on the shrimp (buy the cleaned ones) and it took maybe 2 minutes, if that long, to finish them off.  You want them pink, but be really careful as overdone shrimp are TOUGH.  Ruined.  The shrimp actually open up and you can easily tell when they’re done.

I saw a recipe on their site for sweet and spicy salmon on the grill, so that’s my next venture.  So, try this out, and this year, we’ll be adding Old Bay to our shrimp boil mixture.  I’ll share that later this fall.  Enjoy, and thank so much for hanging out!

~Connie Kaye

Steamed Spiced Shrimp

  • Servings: depends
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At medium heat, bring to a boil 1/2 cup beer, 1/2 cup water and 2 TBSP Old Bay Seasoning.  Carefully stir in 1 lb. cleaned shell-on shrimp.  Cover and steam, keeping your eye on them.  A couple of minutes and you’re typically good to go.


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