No food in this post….but worth 5 minutes of your time!


Today I was honored by the Department of Defense and it was not only a huge surprise, but a shock.

You see, I have an employee in the Air Force National Guard who is being deployed to United Arab Emirates.  And they honor ME?  What about his guy, who is making unbelievable plans to leave for 6 months, leaving his job (albeit temporarily), his family, his wife, etc…  basically HIS LIFE to serve his country.  And they honor ME?

When he told me a few months ago, I said “well, we aren’t at war over there, so you should be safe.”  He respects me too much, I guess, to not have replied “DUH you dumb blonde”.  Instead, he said, Syria???  Oh crap was my reply.   In a staff meeting his fellow co-workers asked him to send pictures.  I kinda reminded them that he’s not going on vacation.

At any rate, I’ve posted a picture below of the plaque I was honored with today at our Kansas Technical Education Authority meeting.  The ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) unit in Kansas has recognized me for my support of Capt. Tincher (a.k.a. Eric) and the Kansas Board of Regents.  I’m still blown away.  He’s going to support our troops in Syria, and they honor ME?    Here’s the pic:

Today was about the military at the KS Board of Regents – check out @ksregents for more — we’ve done extensive work with Army University and articulating military training to specific college credit and there are a number of tweets about my presentation.

Thanks for stopping by — and don’t forget to thank those who serve.

~Connie Kaye




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