Introducing…Mr & Mrs Kyle Wood!

Introducing…Mr & Mrs Kyle Wood!

Mike and I spent the weekend in St. Louis with many of our wonderful friends, celebrating the marriage of two amazing people!  Meet Kyle and Erin, a.k.a Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Wood:

Mr & Mrs Kyle Wood

We have been lucky to gather a wide array of friends during our time at the Lake of the Ozarks, and Kyle’s dad, Woody is one of the best!  We all complain about the money we spend on boating, repairs, etc., but there’s nothing that can replace the friendships that we’ve developed as a result of our time at the lake.

I featured my friend Erin earlier on this blog, as she is an amazing cook.  So, I’m going to link to her  Delicious Cornbread Cake with Chicken

Yes, it could possibly be carb overload, but so delicious.  Warning, mine didn’t look near as good as Erin’s, but it certainly was consumed!

Congratulations Kyle & Erin, and your families!   Much love coming your way as you start your married life together!

~Connie Kaye (and Mike)

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