Easy and delicious slow cooker pork steaks!


I continually get requests for meals that you can throw it in and when you arrive back home, voila!  It’s ready!  This is a super easy recipe that I believe maybe my hubster and his friend, Nick, invented.  Might have had a couple of other lake friends in the mix, but they are the chefs of the crowd.

Buy the CHEAP pork steaks — not pork chops.  Throw on a little seasoning, BBQ sauce, and layer away.  Low and slow and oh man, yummo!  You can add veggies and eat solo, or put on a little roll and they’ll be gone pronto!

pork steak

Keep your eye open for an easy Italian Chicken recipe coming soon!  Another crockpot favorite.  Happy Friday!

~Connie Kaye

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Pork Steak (not pork chops or pork cutlets)
Your favorite BBQ sauce
Your favorite all purpose or BBQ seasoning

Place a liner in your slow cooker.  Start with a pork steak on a little bbq sauce on the bottom liner to keep if from sticking.  Season, couple of blobs of BBQ sauce, and repeat layers.  Cook on low 6-8 hours depending on the amount of pork you  are cooking.  Delish!


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