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A great restaurant, with friends, and an awesome find!


By now you probably know that I LOVE blue cheese.  When MB grills steaks, I frequently brew up a little blue cheese “butter” which may consist of either a little butter or cream cheese with blue cheese mixed in.  When you put a dollop of that on top of a perfectly seasoned fillet or ribeye, no words can describe as it delectably melts over the steak, then subsequently melts in your mouth.

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was on the way to Washington, DC.  Wednesday night was my only “free” night, so I joined some friends and set out to find dinner.  My pal Lori and I:

connie and lori

A restaurant called The District turned out to be the winner, and ended up as an extremely good choice.  The first question once we entered was “do you have reservations?”  In looking around, the obvious answer was “can we sit at the bar?”  A really interesting menu was presented but several of us settled on steak with a caramelized onion and blue cheese sauce. Seriously, I could have just drank the stuff, or jumped in the little bowl if I would have fit inside.

I asked the guy if he would share how they made it.  The answer was “caramelized onions and blue cheese”.  Wow.   Not really that dumb dude – a better answer would be have been “not gonna tell you.”  So while stranded in the airport waiting on a Southwest taxi to get me back to Toto land, I did a little surfing to determine what my ingredients might be (besides blue cheese and onions), and this is what I came up with upon my return to the casa.  Here’s the prep part, and the finished product:

photo 3

Oh so delicious on steak!

photo 1

And, if you don’t like blue cheese – hint, hint, you really should give it a whirl.  You never know 🙂

~Connie Kaye

P.S.  I sat next to a 6th grade science teacher on the way home, and he was taking pics since he had just finished a unit on clouds with his students.  Here’s a pic his wife took for me, and although I got a fairly quick lesson, I cannot remember which type of clouds they are, but pretty cool:


Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Sauce


One large onion, sliced
½ stick butter
¾ to 1 cup heavy cream
½ to 2/3  cup blue cheese, to your liking
1-2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Cook sliced onions in ¼ cup butter until nice and caramelized.  Reduce heat and add heavy cream.  Simmer until reduced and thicker.  Add blue cheese and Worcestershire sauce, and stir.  If too thick, add a little beef broth.