I’m back! (with alcohol)


Thanks for hanging in there with me….been swamped and no time to blog.  I have some amazing recipes I’ll be sharing this week, but first want to share a delicious drink.  Well, a delicious shot.  Yes, shots are delicious but the end result isn’t always something to write home about, so proceed with caution!

Some friends recently returned from a vacay in Mexico, and while there, had “Little Beers”.  Here ya go:

little beer

“Little Beer”

Yep, that’s heavy whipping cream.  I had to search for some tall clear shot glasses, but your liquor store should have “43” which is a Spanish liqueur.  Add desired amount of liqueur, then finish slowly with heavy whipping cream.  It will resemble beer with a frothy head as shown in the pic.  Be sure to shoot it all at once, and it’s like a milkshake 🙂  Yum!

~Connie Kaye


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